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Chinese company of hikvision is a limited liability company and a world leader in the field of video surveillance systems. The company was founded in 2011 and began its work with 50 employees and is currently working with more than 8,000 active and specialized employees.

hikvision is the leader of information technology in protection and securitysystemsin theworld relying on its past experience, research and development as well as creativity in its works.

hikvision Company could sell its products in more than 100 countries in the world relying on its ability and this company has sales offices and representatives around the world such as Brazil, Russia, Italy, America, South Africa and Dubai.

hikvision Company’s products include a variety of analogsurveillance and surveillance under network in industrial models, night vision and

Image capturing products include DVR and NVR devices that have reasonable quality and price and DVR mobile software or applications can be used to manage these devices from anywhere in the world.

The mainoffice of Hikvision Company is located in HongZhu, China and the Europe office to cover Europe is in Amsterdam and America office to cover America is in Los Angeles. Also, it has established a joint venture between Russia and India and a large warehouse to store the products in Hong Kong.

Due to the rapid growth of Company in the field of video surveillance systems such as DVR devices, the company could achieve the fourth and fifth ranks for five consecutive years from 2012 to 2013 by the prestigious magazine of IMS.


Standings by the magazine can be found at the following site:



The mainoffice of Hikvision Company was established in 2001 and has $ 9.5 billion worth of its shares,which represents the company’s rapid economic growth in 13 years of activity.

Company’s website: http://www.hikvision.com

Company’s agency website iran: http://www.hikcamera.com







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